Welcome to Digital Storytelling!

I hope you enjoyed today as much as I did!

We created three projects today:
  1. Paper slide movie
  2. Voki
  3. Animoto

Please go to this site and post what you thought was the best part of today!


The Resources page has the slideshow I used and includes other ideas for you to try, and has other links for even more ideas!

Use the links on the right to access our Voki and Animoto projects. If you did not post a project, you can still do it at any time!

Here is our paper slide movie.
We created it by using a flip video camera, but you can use any movie camera or an ipad. You slide the papers across while you talk about it. It's usually done in one take, so it's quick and easy! It's a fun way to do a project for school or for you to be creative on your own!